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  • Songwriting Music Production (Non-performance) – Semester 
    • Students will use audio recording and digital editing software such as Garageband, Soundtrap, and Noteflight to learn the basics of songwriting and music composition.
    • No matter your taste in music:  rap, hip-hop, rock, jazz, classical or metal, this class will introduce you to recording techniques used by current artists.
    • You will learn how your favorite styles of music are created and how you can recreate them yourself.
    • By the end of this class, you will be comfortable using computer programs with your Chromebook to create music that fits your own style. 
    • Songwriting and Recording
      Do you want to learn how to write and record your own music? 
    • In this course, students will learn what makes a “good song” and apply these characteristics to write and record their own song using apps such as Soundtrap, Garageband, and Noteflight.