Music Enrichment Classes

Syllabus and Expectations  for ALL  7th, and 8th Grade Music Enrichment Classes

pdf file of the below: Music Enrichment Class

General Project Rubrics: Music Enrichment Final TOTAL Project Rubric, Enrichment Student Project Evaluation

Student Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to class Agreement/Form –Herget MS Enrichment Class BYOD Agreement


  1. Respect self, others, and their property. Treat others, as you want to be treated.
  2. Follow directions, be prepared to work. 

Enrichment means that students will work on challenging, thought provoking, activities, and projects. All Reteach, Enrichment, and Intervention classes will have a literacy component such as covering the vocabulary words. Students will be held accountable for completing activities, demonstrating competency and progress.

The Herget Middle School Music Enrichment class will also cover the above literacy through general music topics while focusing on creativity. Students who scored at the 60th NPR or above on the Performance Series Assessment last year are eligible to take this class. All students will be re-assessed every six to nine weeks.

Music Class Goals and Objectives:

The goal of the Herget Music Enrichment class is to provide all students with exposure to new ideas, concepts, and experiences through music. Students will explore other ways to create, communicate, connect, and share knowledge through creative music projects and performances for the community and public.

General Concepts Covered:

  • Creating and composing music – Song writing
  • Music technology (Tracking, looping, and music notation)
  • Story telling, poetry, imagery, and sound effects
  • Topics covered more in depth: Texture, Timbre, Beat, Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, and Bass
  • Song writing and form
  • Advertising, radio, voiceover, and dubbing
  • Singing and playing

Examples of Work, Projects, and Performances: 

  • Video/Audio recordings to post and share with the class and online
  • Present a finished and edited video or recording
  • Individual and group portfolio tracking in-class work and progress
  • Written music or story
  • Whole class, small group, and individual performance (Live and/or Recorded)

Materials Used or Needed:

  • Classroom Computers (Garageband and iMovie)
  • Any technology including (Computers, iPad, Video Camera, Keyboard, Phone)
  • Music class instruments such as drums, xylophones, and Bells
  • Student personal devices or instruments such (phone, or iPad, guitar or band instrument)

Grading is Pass/Fail Based on Participation and Effort:

Passing is 60% and above. Points each day based on:

4 – Student is always engaged, on task, and participates every day.

3 – Student is engaged, on task, and participates most of the time.

2 – Student is engaged, on task, and participates some of the time, with redirection.

1 – Student is not or is rarely engaged, on task, and participates.

Grading Categories and Percent:

40% of the grade will be the daily effort, classwork, participation, and work ethic.

50% of the grade will be the completed project.

10% of the grade will be vocabulary work (on Mondays) including quizzes and tests.


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