2017/18 Harmonix – Audition Information


The Herget Harmonix formally known as Honors Choir is an advanced choir that performs a-cappella music.  It is open to all grades, but students must pass an audition to be a part of this group. Only students that participate in another school choir such as EMC or 8th-grade Choir class are eligible. This group will start mid-September with auditions being held any day/any time before or after school and before Friday, September 9th. See (or email) Dr. Glogowski to set up an audition.

This group will start to rehearse ASAP. In the past this group has met every Tuesday or Thursday morning at 7:30 AM or after school Fridays for an example. Those students that make this group will determine all rehearsals including some after school sectional rehearsals. The group will determine all rehearsals and overall schedule.

Requirements: Harmonix Information 17 

When: This group will start mid-September: Auditions are being held any day/any time before or after school, and before September 9th. See (or email) Dr. Glogowski to set up an audition. The audition will consist of testing music theory knowledge, aural music singing skills, music reading skills, and rate overall vocal tone quality while singing the prepared song.

Audition Will Consist Of:

(I may ask you to sing all the parts even the lower guys part)


Practice Tracks