2018/19 Harmonix Audition Information

The 2018 audition will consist of: Singing the prepared song, “That Lonesome Road,” testing music theory knowledge, aural music singing skills, music reading skills, and rate overall vocal tone quality.

2018 Audition

  • Prepare the attached song “That Lonesome Road”,whichever part you think, you do best, or think the group may need. (Soprano, Alto, Low part/Guys). You will sing the song by yourself then again while Dr. G singing another part to check independence. (I may ask you to sing all the parts even the lower guys part)
  • Download Sheet Music Here: That Lonesome Road w:opt uper 3rd Sheet Music 
  • More information and help tracks here: 2018/19 Herget Harmonix
  • Be ready to go though a verbal music reading skills and theory check.
  • Fill out attached questionnaire.

If interested, please set-up an audition time before or after school (about 10 minutes), with Dr. G. NOW until Monday, September 10th.

Please ask if you have questions. Good Luck!